image on image

Come down, come down…


Come down, come down.

Rattle my stones and wood salty wet.

shuffle along wide shores,

my rocky bones bare in the ebbing surf.

A squadron of gulls compete in the wind and then only one

as a single ship punctuates the horizon.







Author: William Bushell

I am an artist living in Victoria, BC Canada. I am primarily a painter and I dabble in photography. My subject matter is mainly abstract that is informed by landscape and the sea along with my experiences and observations. Aesthetic appreciation is the key. Art can be found all around you, from the inside of a flower to an accidental arrangement of stones and driftwood or shadows cast on a roadway.

8 thoughts on “Come down, come down…

  1. Love it Bill. Can’t say more than that…

  2. Very moody and they have a lonely feel. Very good eye Bill

  3. The ocean here carries away whatever troubles one and brings us back into harmony with our surroundings. These images and words together capture that feeling beautifully.

  4. Hi Bill – your poetry is truly lovely, and the images are stunning. This site is beautiful – thank you for sharing.

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